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Club A: Bob the Explorer


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Bob the explorer will discover fantastic and wonderful places on our planet while teaching you the types of words in our language, that is, nouns, verbs, adjectives and determiners.

Accompany Bob and enter the dungeons of a castle, the dense Amazon jungle, the hot Sahara desert or the small and cold Igloos of the Eskimos.

Accompany young Bob on his adventures around the world and become a great explorer.

Learn to identify the different types of grammatical structures with club A.

Don't wait any longer and join Club A...!!!

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💚 Rules of the Game

🧡 Didactic Guide

💛 Explorer's Notebook

🩶 Correction and blank letters

7 yearsliteracycomprehension

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Club A: Bob the Explorer

Pedagogical Tip for 🕵🏻 Club A: Bob the Explorer 🕵🏻:

Discover our line of Club A educational games.

In the Club A games, you will accompany friendly characters on fun adventures where you will have to solve puzzles.

In each game and with the help of each character, players will be able to review and improve knowledge related to solving mathematical problems, language, English,...

This line of educational games has been created by teacher Juan Carlos Ruiz, a renowned game creator (Pets, Rainbow, Candy,...) who uses the game as a learning tool in his daily life.

Club A games consist only of an economical and transportable deck of 72 cards, with illustrations designed for children to enjoy. Its easy mechanics make it easy for children to play alone or in groups of four.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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