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Club A: Luca the Writer


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You must help Luca write his book by solving the information in each story card and thereby earning success points.

The player who gets the 8 necessary correct answers first will be the one who gets Lucas to finish before writing his book.

Work on vowels, consonants, syllables and semantic fields in this fantastic educational game.

Don't wait any longer and join Club A...!!!

6 yearscomprehension   literacy

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Club A: Luca the Writer

Pedagogical Tip for ✍🏼 Club A: Luca the Writer ✍🏼:

Discover our line of Club A educational games.
With the Club A games, you will accompany friendly characters on fun adventures where you will have to solve puzzles.

Each game, and with the help of each character, will make players review and improve knowledge related to solving mathematical problems, language, English,...

In this installment you will have to help LUCA write his book, for which we will work on vowels, consonants and syllables. And with solo mode included!!
Learning has never been so fun!!!

Game Instructions:

Players will look at the story card on top of the deck.
Afterwards, one of the players will turn over the top card of the deck of book cards.
This letter will indicate what type of information Luke needs from the story letter.
Then, when the players are clear, they will choose the solution card that they believe is correct and place it face down on the table in front of them.
The first player to reach 8 points will be the winner.
We also have solitaire mode, but the purpose of this game is to work on syllabic awareness and visual perception, being clear about the vowels, syllables and consonants.

Players: 1 to 3

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
Payment Secure