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Club A: Verita the Monster


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Verita is a very restless and fun little monster. Every day he goes to his class to teach his students little monsters.

It's time to eat, and all the little monsters are hungry.

Help Verita feed healthy food to all the little monsters according to each one's tastes. Do it fast!

Don't wait any longer and join Club A...!!!

6 yearscomprehensionhealthy food

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Club A: Verita the Monster

Pedagogical Tip for ✍🏼 Club A: Verita la Monstruita ✍🏼:

Verita "the little monster" is a new game from our CLUB A educational line.

With Verita "the little monster" you work on visual attention and healthy eating habits.

This educational deck of cards presents different game modes depending on the age of the players and whether we want a competitive or collaborative mode.
Learning has never been so fun!!

Game Instructions:

We form a 4×4 matrix.

The initial player will turn over a monster card from the deck and everyone must locate the monster's two favorite foods (looking at the matrix, as a double-entry table).

We will also have some result cards that we will place with the arrows up pointing to the matrix and you will have to quickly cover the flipped monster card.

The first player to do so will take the card and it will count 1 point at the end of the game.

Players: 2 to 4

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
Payment Secure