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Sailor triangular activity cushion


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This triangular Sailor activity cushion is super entertaining. Take the little ones on seafaring adventures.

There is much to discover along the way. From crackling fish and little mirrors for self-exploration, to a whale and a pelican that makes a squeaky sound.

Packed with fun games and textures, it will engage your babies' senses and imagination.

from 6 months  psychomotor  

The Details

  • Weight:

    0.7 kg

  • Material:

    Natural Fabrics

  • Dimensions:

    37cm x 18cm x 18cm

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Sailor triangular activity cushion

Pedagogical tip👶🏻:

Free movement is essential for babies to begin to know the possibilities of their body. From a young age, placing them face down on the blanket helps strengthen their neck and back muscles, a necessary step to be able to sit up.

The proximity of different colorful objects with different shapes and textures will give the child enthusiasm to learn and continue discovering. Teethers, mirrors, objects with bells and various sounds are some very useful elements that will contribute to the little one's entertainment.

The so-called 'baby gyms', with soft arches crossing their surface, allow you to find different stimuli when stretching your arms and legs. This promotes coordination, in addition to allowing all the muscles in the body to be exercised.

In this way, sensory development is accompanied by cognitive development, with toys that promote cause-effect relationships. With all this, the baby will little by little gain autonomy.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
Payment Secure