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Bee hive


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Helps develop fine motor skills by matching the bee to its hive using the pincer grip or tweezers.

It also reinforces color recognition and counting.

Six bees that vary in color match a beehive for a realistic beehive environment!

Teach the little ones about bees: their habitat, diet, way of life, purpose, etc. You can watch this video with your little ones to learn many things about them:

Separate each bee from its hive and invite the children to use the tweezers to take each bee to its correct home!

The hives can also be stacked and sorted for additional educational games.

from 3 yearsintellectual development

The Details

  • Weight:

    0.7 kg

  • Material:

    Chemical-free rubber wood, formaldehyde-free glue, organic pigments and water-based dyes.

  • Dimensions:

    19cm x 19cm x 6cm

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Bee hive

Pedagogical tip👩🏻‍🎓:

Encourage the development of fine motor and cognitive skills by using the tweezers to grasp and sort the bees, pair each bee with its corresponding hive, and learn about bee species during free time.

It also works on fine motor skills, precision and concentration.

Regarding this work, fine motor skills are the relationship between the small muscles, generally of the hands and fingers, with the eyes.

Good development is achieved with the stimulation of the muscles of the hands and fingers so that they become increasingly precise, thus achieving greater manual dexterity and visual-motor coordination.

This is positively reflected in their daily activities.

Fine motor skills aim to coordinate small muscle movements. That is, the development of the muscles of the hands, wrists, feet, fingers, mouth and tongue. Coordination with the eyes in relation to motor skills.

This facilitates the development of daily tasks where the eyes, hands, fingers, mouth, tongue, feet are used simultaneously, such as dressing, tying shoelaces, blowing, brushing teeth, eating, tearing, cutting, painting, stacking objects, coloring, writing, among others.

The boy or girl who has had good fine motor skills training can much more easily dress themselves and tie their shoelaces. To do this you must have acquired fine gesture control and precise movement.

Also, they will be able to eat independently by knowing how to use a spoon and fork and put them in their mouth, as well as how to brush their teeth correctly, due to the maturation of their hand-eye coordination.

Having good manual dexterity and visual-motor coordination, writing will already be an easier task to achieve.

We bet on motor games!

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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