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Viridis 3D Constructions


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Attention, architects and creators!

With the different colored pieces of the Viridis 3D construction game, the most diverse models and shapes can be created.

And there's even more: thanks to these three-dimensional pieces, structures with countless variations can be built!

Whether you play just one or several, your imagination has no limits. In addition, geometric shapes encourage spatial conception and fine motor skills through play.

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    22cm x 22cm x 5cm

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Viridis 3D Constructions

Pedagogical tip 🧱:

Construction games are among the most successful among children and one of those that accompany their play for the longest time.

Around the first year, children will play with these games by stacking and pulling, or making simple constructions with a few pieces, while in more advanced stages, construction games become a very interesting challenge, since they allow Make more elaborate creations by testing your imagination and creativity.

It is a set of pieces, of the same or different shapes, with which multiple combinations can be made, creating different structures. There are a lot of toys with these characteristics that have great benefits for the development of children.

Constructions are great for working on concentration and spatial logic. Enjoy watching them defy gravity with amazing constructions!

Contents: 21 pieces, 1 notebook with templates.

Material: Wood.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
Payment Secure