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Magical Wool Creatures


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Say hello to Lana's magical creatures!

Magical creatures are loved and revered by all. Each creature brings magic, play and adventure to all who meet them.

These three magical creatures are lovingly handmade from a soft wool blend and have sweet embroidered features.

Each magical creature will look a little different, making them extra special. Unicorn, Dragon and Nessy can stand on their own and are the perfect size for little ones' hands.

Come and say hello!

Come take a ride with Unicorn

Unicorn prides himself on his ability to heal all creatures with his magical horn. He has a soft rainbow mane and tail, posable wings, and a fabric horn.

meet the dragon

Whether lighting a campfire or dozing in a secret hidden cave, Dragon is a beloved member.

Dragon is dusty pink with white features.

Explore with Nessy

Shy and sweet, Nessy always knows the best place to catch the most delicious fish. Plus, what fun is it to take a ride in the water with speedy Nessy!

Nessy is a soft sage color and has four sweet little fins.

> Includes 3 figurines. The animals are not sold separately.

> Measurements of the animals :

- 11cm x 8cm x 5cm

> Product care :

- Spot clean only with a cold, damp cloth.
- Do not use bleach.
- Do not iron.
- Air dry.

From 1 year Emotional development social development 

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Magical Wool Creatures

Benefits of playing with dolls and dolls 👧🏻:

Dolls are an important symbolic game that is developed throughout early childhood and much beyond, but also a great learning tool and approach to the adult world.

Through role-playing and the interaction that little ones develop with their dolls, they understand the world around them and the different roles they can play in it.

Playing with dolls is a social approach where boys and girls develop their social, cognitive, emotional, intellectual skills... It also allows them to develop empathy (a capacity that is born with the human being, but is developed by practicing with different roles, since by becoming the mother or father of their dolls they can put themselves in the shoes of others.

Waldorf pedagogy, for example, gives so much importance to playing with dolls and dolls that it develops its own style of dolls to accompany the education of boys and girls. They also help the little ones develop the concept of self-image and define themselves, since these involve self-representation.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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