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Doudou Little Mouse


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Doudou little mouse

This little mouse wrapped in an air of sweetness will be your baby's best companion. Made with recycled materials and padding from plastic bottles, this blanket is 100% eco-responsible. With its small soft microvelvet body, the mouse doudou is easy to grasp and hold in the baby's hand. The square blanket that she holds in her paws is covered with a pink print with beautiful daisies and butterflies that remind us of the beauty and lightness of nature. This print is found on the mouse's ears and enhances the whole. Presented in a beautiful case, the latter can be reused as a storage case. It is the perfect blanket to make a 100% “eco-charming” gift.

Doudou are very special for our little ones because they usually have a lot of love and attachment towards them. In fact, the most common thing is that children end up creating an emotional bond with their doudou. This link is not accidental, children use the doudou to calm down when they are anxious, to sleep, to calm down and it helps them to know that they have an object nearby that they recognize and makes them feel safe.

In addition, this little mouse doudou, by including a stuffed animal, makes the little ones even more attached to these very special stuffed animals-blankets.

The main function of the doudou is to calm the baby, mainly before going to sleep. This sleeping doll helps you fall asleep and that is why moms and dads should have one among their essentials.

Material : Velvet.

Size : 18cm.

Washing instructions : Wash separately in a washing machine at 30ºC. Do not use fabric softener, stain remover or other additives.

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Doudou Little Mouse

Los doudou son muy especiales para nuestr@s peques porque suelen tener mucho cariño y apego hacia ellos. De hecho, lo más común es que l@s niñ@s acaben creando un vínculo emocional con su doudou. Este vínculo no es casual, l@s niñ@s utilizan el doudou para calmarse cuando están ansiosos, para dormir, para tranquilizarse y les ayuda saber que tienen cerca un objeto que reconocen y les hace sentir seguros.

Además, este doudou osita al incluir un peluchito, hace que l@s peques estén más unidos todavía a estos peluches-manta tan especiales.

La función principal del doudou es conseguir tranquilizar al/la bebé, fundamentalmente, antes de dormir. Este muñeco para dormir le ayuda a conciliar el sueño y es por ello que los papás y mamás han de tener uno entre sus esenciales.

Instrucciones de lavado: Lavar por separado en lavadora a 30ºC. No utilizar suavizante, quitamanchas ni otros aditivos.

Free Shipping From 80€
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