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The King of Dice


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The King of Dice

People, dwarves, fairies, gnomes and elves from all over have gathered to live peacefully in the kingdom.

But there is less and less space: new lands will have to be colonized!

With skill and luck, players will be able to draw the best cards to occupy the greatest possible number of spaces, preferably contiguous, on the map.

Whoever secures the best places and the most precious stones wins.

Tactical dice fun for the whole family.

Detailed illustrations ensure an exciting gaming atmosphere.

Pedagogical Tip 👩🏻‍🎓

Game of dice and cards in which chance and strategy go together.

It is important to maintain attention and be mentally flexible to get the best card and not deduct points.

We must put into play mental calculation, approximations, numerical sequences and color discrimination to make the best decision in each turn.

The objective is to get the greatest number of points in the final sum.

Boys and girls learn from the people they are close to, family, friends, educators... but they also learn from the environment and the things that surround them. That is why HABA pays special attention to the invention of well-designed toys and games that allow them to play with a lot of imagination, that test them according to their age and, above all, that provide them with a lot of fun.

Instructions: 👉🏻 the king of dice instructions 👈🏻

2-piece board, 30 tokens, 60 inhabitant cards, 4 score cards, 18 white gemstones, 6 gold gemstones, 6 dice, 15 dragon flames, 64 markers, 1 game instructions.

Players: 2 to 4

Material: beech, plastic and cardboard.

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    27cm x 27cm x 8cm

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The King of Dice

Free Shipping From 80€
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