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Emotio, game of emotions


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Emotio, an emotion game, is designed to enhance Emotional Intelligence.

Through play, we will encourage their acceptance and communication, to facilitate the development of good self-esteem, empathy and adequate social relationships.

EMOTIO, the game of emotions!

Work on the emotions of the little ones in the most fun way.

...Get excited playing...!!!

Why is it important to work on emotions?

By working on emotions, children are more motivated and this is very positive for their intellectual development.

* The cards have the name of the emotions in Spanish and English *


• Small book with the objective and rules of the game, as well as the description of 40 emotions/feelings and reflection questions.

• 40 cards associated with a color according to emotion. Happiness-green, Joy-yellow, Love-pink, Anger-red, Sadness-blue, Fear-gray and Surprise-lilac.

• Summary letter of the different emotions.

• Custom dice

4 yearsEmotional developmentsocial development

The Details

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    0.4 kg

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    Paper, cardboard

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    16cm x 13cm x 7cm

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Emotio, game of emotions

Pedagogical Tip 👩🏻‍🎓:

Emotio allows you to work on the following emotional skills:

- Emotional Awareness: become aware of one's own emotions, give them a name, understand the emotions of others and become aware of the interaction between Emotion-Thought-Behavior.
- Emotional regulation: coping skills, skills to self-generate pleasant emotions.
-Social Competence: listen, respect, share, develop prosocial behavior, encourage assertiveness.
- Emotional Autonomy: positive attitude, self-esteem, self-motivation. In addition, it allows us to reflect on stereotypes and gender equality regarding emotions, thanks to its two characters.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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