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Calming Stuffed Starfish


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Calming Stuffed Starfish

This natural thermal pillow in the shape of a stuffed starfish is ideal for relieving baby's discomfort from birth. It is removable and contains a removable bag.

The pocket filled with clay balls and lavender flowers should be placed in the microwave or freezer for a hot or cold effect. Access to the bag is secured thanks to a velcro system for safe use.

Its soft lining will give your baby peace of mind and calm. The starfish is enhanced with a "dance of the waves" print adorned with fish embroidery that recalls the calm of the depths of the sea and the wave of softness and well-being that the comforting plush provides.

Its generous size is ideal for keeping your child warm in bed and calming him down. Without a pocket, the relaxing starfish plush can be used as a blanket to give a feeling of protection.

The heating pad has numerous benefits, especially temporary pain relief. Lavender helps you fall asleep thanks to its calming and relaxing properties.

Stuffed animals play a very important role in the development of little ones. It helps them in their independence process, to understand their emotions, to promote language, to enhance coexistence and to manage control over their micro world. And they also achieve this through the tenderness they give off: they are huggable, they teach them to be affectionate and they develop care for others.

As you can see, a stuffed animal is the toy that our little ones need most at an early age for their development towards the adults of the future.

We leave you the link to all our stuffed animals , in case you want to contribute to the happiness of your boys and girls with our entire collection of stuffed animals, all of high quality.

Material : faux leather and micro velvet

Size : 22cm

Washing instructions : Remove the bag before machine washing at 30ºC. Without fabric softener, stain remover or other additives.

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    0.5 kg

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    25cm x 22cm x 9cm

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Calming Stuffed Starfish

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