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Crocodile Case


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The most sustainable and beautiful case on the market!

The Crocodile pencil case has a zipper closure to take colored pencils to school.

This beautiful vintage style case has been created from recycled bottles, thinking about a more sustainable future.

With a large pocket where you can carry markers, pencils, pens and all the accessories you need.

A stylish case to carry all the necessary material for school with an unbeatable design and quality.

Case features:

  • Fresk brand case.
  • Green color .
  • Made from recycled PET bottles and pretty faux leather details.
Measurement : 22 cm x 6 cm x 7 cm

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Crocodile Case

Tip 👝

Tips for choosing the best school bag for your little ones:

How difficult it is to choose sometimes! Children's school life is full of decisions that can affect their entire school life.
Choosing the best school supplies is vitally important so that they do not lack anything.
In addition, it is necessary to store all these utensils in one place so that they are not lost or damaged. This place is the school case.

The use that the case is going to give will determine all the following steps.
There are artist kits with a hundred colors and different formats of pencils, paints and markers. These are usually made of wood, with a lid and large, ideal for the little artists in the house.
There are also traditional ones in which all the necessary material for school will be placed.
It is also possible to obtain both types, the colored one will stay at home to give free rein to your imagination and the smaller and more practical case for school.

We have to be practical and know what material we need in our daily lives.
Each one will be different and will want to have more or less material.
It is time to decide the size of the case to insert all the utensils you need. But remember, less is more!

For initial stages, the best cases are those with 1 zippered compartment. And so, as they grow and need more materials, we will introduce those with 2 or 3 compartments, and even pencil cases.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
Payment Secure