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Surprise Monkey Puppet


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Surprise Monkey Puppet

Whose tail is this coming out of the coconut? Make up a thousand stories about Jack the mischievous monkey turned into a Surprise Monkey Puppet, who loves his hiding place and making children laugh! This animal will bring a lot of joy to the children with his friendliness and his fun coconut.

It is very important to stimulate and develop children's imagination, representing objects that they have invented or that they have seen before through a drawing, building it with different materials, or explaining it through language. If the imagination is educated and directed correctly, we will provide the little ones with a rich source of operations and ideas and in this way, we will enrich their creative thinking, and they will be able to develop all their talents more successfully.

With this puppet you can create numerous characters and represent different stories, adventures, situations... And in addition to being entertaining, it is also educational. It teaches us a lot.

One of the main benefits is that it develops creativity and imagination, to invent stories and stories. This is an activity that totally invites you to use your imagination.

Enhances concentration, understanding and language. It also instills social values ​​by having to interact with other children to create really fun and entertaining stories.

It promotes empathy and helps deal with feelings such as frustration, generosity, tolerance... It is a toy that usually transmits a fairly positive message.

It is also a perfect toy to help work logic and memory.

It is a wonderful toy that not only educates, but also values.

Material : 100% polyester

Size : 25cm

Washing instructions : Wash separately, in a washing machine at 30°C. Without fabric softener, stain remover or other additives.

The Details

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    0.35 kg

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    25cm x 18cm x 6cm

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Surprise Monkey Puppet

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