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Magnetic Musical Notes


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Bags of 10 magnetic musical notes, which you can also use with our magnetic musical board to create artistic compositions and improvise.

We have them in 11 different colors: red , orange , yellow , light green , dark green , light blue , dark blue , purple , pink , white and black.

The magnetic pieces are of different colors so they can be combined according to the color notation system used, or simply combine them as you like.

Graphic representation in music education is considered a natural need that arises from one's own experience and previous activity.

Musical notation aims to affirm and expand the musical knowledge and experiences of the little ones.

from 3 years intellectual Emotional development

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Magnetic Musical Notes

Musical Tip 🎶:

We have talked about color musical notation systems.

In this article https://www.pequenomozart.com/las-notas-de-colores-pequeno-mozart-y-google/ different methods are explained by color so that we understand what we mean.

It is about assigning a color to each note, in order to better identify them and facilitate the learning process.

The basis for assigning one color or another is in nature. The 7 musical notes (diatonic) take the colors (in order) of the Rainbow (which are 7).

Here is a very cool video based on colored musical notes:


This musical notes material allows you to learn and play to assimilate and work on the intonation of the notes and their placement on the staff.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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