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YGlider Pink Scooter


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YGlider Pink Scooter

Scooter for children, elegant and innovative designed in Ireland. The YGlider Nua is our new slightly inclined scooter, for children from 3 to 10 years old.

Plus, the arc-folding handlebar and lightweight design make this YGlider Rosa scooter easy to store and extremely portable.

This kids scooter also comes with a wall hanging slot to keep the YGlider elevated for space-saving and safety!

The extra wide LED front wheels give the Y Glider Nua scooter an incredible bright look and are perfect for ensuring better visibility on the streets.

Likewise, the extra wide rear wheel offers better stability, while the wide brake allows blind braking that is more intuitive and safer for children.

The wider platform and steering feature allows little one to put both feet on and is finished in high-grip rubber to give them a comfortable ride and allow them to gain more confidence as they learn.

So the result is a smooth rolling scooter that allows them to glide further and for longer.

YGlider Nua is the winner of the Good Design Award 2020 , the most prestigious global design program celebrating the most innovative and cutting-edge products from around the world.


The use of the scooter provides endless benefits to the child, since in addition to being fun entertainment, it is a sport.

For this reason, among all of them, the increase in balance and concentration stands out, by having to keep the vehicle straight at all times and avoid falling to the ground.

In the same way, it helps strengthen the muscles of the legs, lungs and heart and promotes blood circulation, as well as improving physical resistance.


Maximum supported weight: 50 kg.

Product weight: 3kg.

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YGlider Pink Scooter

Free Shipping From 80€
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