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Montessori ball



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In the first months of life, it is used as a mobile so that your baby can shake it and at the same time hear the noise provided by the rattle inside.

When the crawling stage comes, it will help him get from one place to another; Its shape allows the ball to not go beyond one meter and to be able to grab it easily.

The little one will not get frustrated and will gain more confidence. Once you are taking the first steps and standing, you can play with other children or as a family, picking it up and throwing it to each other.

We like the Montessori ball because it accompanies the different stages of growth and play in the first years of life.

This Montessori ball is made entirely by hand following the Montessori method, with beautiful 100% OEKO-TEX® certified cotton fabrics in fun colors to stimulate visual development as well as auditory development thanks to the built-in safety bell.

    Size: 15cm diameter.

    From 0 monthspsychomotorsensory stimulation

    The Details

    • Weight:

      0.5 kg

    • Material:

      100% OEKO-TEX® certified cotton filled with fireproof and anti-allergic wadding.

    • Dimensions:

      26cm x 18cm x 16cm

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    Montessori ball

    Pedagogical Tip 👩🏻‍🎓

    The Montessori materials were scientifically designed in an experimental context within the classroom, paying special attention to the interest of children according to the evolutionary stage in which they are and with the conviction that the manipulation of specific objects helps the development of knowledge. and abstract thought.

    These materials allow children to investigate and explore individually and independently. They enable repetition, which promotes concentration.

    They have the quality of isolating difficulties, that is, each one introduces a single variable, a single new concept, isolating it and leaving the other concepts unchanged.

    The materials have error control: it is the same material that will show the child if they used it correctly.

    In this way, children know that error is part of the learning process, they manage to establish a positive attitude towards it, they take responsibility for their own learning, and they develop self-confidence.

    Some principles of Montessori Education supported by scientific research (Montessori. The Science Behind de Genius, Angeline Stoll Lillard, 2005, Oxford University Press):

    - Thought and movement: thought and movement are closely linked. Movement enhances thinking and learning.
    - Free choice: Learning and well-being improve when people feel they have control over their lives. Independence, willpower and responsibility develop.
    -Interest: the child learns better when he/she is interested in what he/she is learning. Helps understanding and concentration.
    -The reward is internal: practice leads to achievement. It contributes to self-esteem, a sense of responsibility and critical thinking.
    - Learning from and with parents: learning is enhanced by the exercise of teaching others. Promotes respect, tolerance and solidarity.
    - Learning within context: learning situated in a meaningful context is deeper and richer than learning in an abstract context.
    - Teacher/student interaction: the teacher observes and accompanies, enabling the child to act, love and think for himself, helping him to develop confidence and inner discipline.
    - Order in the environment and in the mind: the external order and the sequence in the use of materials are beneficial for the internal order of the child. Promotes clarity of thought and concentration.

    Free Shipping From 80€
    Returns Up to 30 days
    Payment Secure