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Red Children's Piano


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With this child-sized red piano with eighteen keys, little ones will be able to create their own melodies.

Provides musical scale and great entertainment. Plus, you can invite your friends to create a band!

Therefore, encourage your mini artist to learn to play a musical instrument from an early age with this adorable red wooden children's mini piano.

Also develop your child's listening and creative skills with this sturdy toy piano that provides a full octave and hours of fun.

Likewise, this toy keyboard teaches your toddler basic rhythm, notes, keys, and other musical techniques.

This fully functional toy piano requires no tuning and comes with a helpful music book! Perfect for developing musicality.

For musical education and development, it is interesting to introduce children to more complex musical instruments. These not only require a high degree of concentration, but also train motor skills.

Our miniature instruments inspire them to make music and generate an understanding of the connection between music, rhythm and movement. This in turn promotes sensory perception and ultimately also personal development.

For babies, the world is a great adventure, which they encounter anew every day with curiosity. The curiosity of little discoverers is satisfied with innovative products that have been developed in cooperation with Kids II, a toy manufacturer known for its educational and multimedia products.

From elementary ear training on the drum to early musical education on the interactive wooden piano, the Baby Einstein line combines cutting-edge technology with high-quality materials.

> Cleaning: Easy to clean with a dry cloth. Do not submerge in water.

From 1 year intellectual development Emotional development

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    4.5 kg

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    38cm x 32cm x 36cm

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Red Children's Piano

Musical Tip 🎶:

Play musical patterns and let the child imitate them.

Teach him the notes of simple songs and sing together.

Listen to all kinds of music and talk about the instruments that play it.

As you already know, in our Spotify account:


You can listen to all kinds of auditions, in this case well-known musical pieces covered for piano and adapted to your little ones.

Free Shipping From 80€
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