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Pintafluo A4: Photosensitive Board


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PintaFluo encourages the imagination and creativity of boys and girls. Does not stain, without ink or dirt . Ideal for boys and girls between 3 and 12 years old.

> How to use Pintafluo

The included pen has two parts with 2 functions, the main one consists of a light emitter and the second an invisible ink marker.

To draw with light, better in a dimly lit place, press the pen button to emit light, the photosensitive surface of the whiteboard will turn it into photoluminescent dots.

The drawing will gradually fade to nothing in approximately 4 to 5 minutes.

The invisible ink allows you to write "secret" messages on any surface and can only be seen by illuminating it with the light of the pencil. Don't write on the board.

> The box includes:

- 1 double-sided Photosensitive Board
- 2 x Double pencil, one light option for drawing (with batteries included) and another with a marker-type tip with invisible ink (you can see it when you project the light)
- 10 Creative Drawing Templates

from 3 yearscommunicative development

The Details

  • Weight:

    0.65 kg

  • Material:

    This board is made of harmless, non-polluting and odorless materials. European certifications, CE, RoHs, FC. Endorsed by Child Safety UK.

  • Dimensions:

    22cm x 33cm x 2cm

  • In Stock:


Pintafluo A4: Photosensitive Board


With Pintafluo A4: Photosensitive Board you can do different activities:

* Enhance the creativity of the little ones through a motivating element such as fluorescence.
* Work on literacy in a less formal environment, playing with the letter template or practicing free-form writing.
* Stimulate fine motor skills using the templates or drawing freehand

You can get:

* Magical Drawings with Light: Vibrant luminous drawings, children will have fun and encourage their creativity and imagination in an original and interactive way. The photosensitive board traps light allowing drawings to be generated in the dark that last several minutes on the board before fading.
* Unique moments: Ideal for sharing time between parents and children in moments of relaxation and rest before going to sleep. Sharing these moments with your children enhances the emotional bond.
* Drawing Accessories: Along with the whiteboard and pencil, which allows you to draw, 10 templates are included with a lot of ideas and images.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
Payment Secure