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Mini Bears Baby Carrier


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The Boba Mini is a toy carrying backpack, just like the Boba 4GS baby carrier that mom and dad use.

The Boba Mini is designed for carrying dolls and stuffed animals in front or on the back.

Since children love to imitate what we adults do, with the Boba Mini they can carry their dolls very close, just like when mom and dad carry the baby with the Boba 4GS.

Let your little one follow in your footsteps! Nurture your child's natural desire to care for their most prized toys and spread the joy of bringing a baby to children around the world.

The main reasons why we recommend the Boba Air are:

  • For children from 1 year old .
  • 100% cotton , machine washable.
  • Buckle at the waist and chest to keep dolls and toys safe .
  • Belt pocket for small treasures and fabulous finds.
  • Adjustable belt and shoulder straps.
  • Made with the same materials as the Boba 4GS adult baby carrier models!
  • Wide range of prints.
  • For carrying in front or on the back .
  • Essential in the symbolic game .
  • Wonderful toy for an older brother or sister ! Ideal for when there is a second baby! This will make the elder feel included and loved in a continuation of the parents' attachment.

From 1 year Emotional development social development

The Details

  • Weight:

    0.5 kg

  • Material:

    100% cotton

  • Dimensions:

    23cm x 10cm x 5cm (P)

  • In Stock:


Mini Bears Baby Carrier

Dolls and dolls are necessary emotional toys during childhood; they have multiple benefits that impact their emotional development. Likewise, they help them mature, develop empathy and bring them closer to the world of adults.

Dolls and figurines are an important symbolic game that develops throughout early childhood and far beyond, but also a great learning tool.

Through role-playing and the interaction that children develop with their dolls, little ones understand the world around them and the different roles they can play in it.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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