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Amazing Puzzle Under the Stars


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Amazing Puzzle Under the Stars

Giant 20-piece rigid cardboard puzzle, with 8 surprise pieces! 5 tabs that can be pulled to enlarge the puzzle and 3 windows that can be opened to discover a lot of surprises hidden in the illustrations.

What is the white bear looking at? Who is hidden in its back? Who flies in the Arctic sky? Find out in this surprising puzzle under the stars.

Illustrations with soft colors with the theme of sea ice animals.

Content: a poster to use as a model.

Through puzzles, children train fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination and exercise concentration and patience.

Likewise, they learn to solve problems with strategies and in a structured way, something that is achieved through the repetitive classification of the pieces.

They are able to recognize shapes and colors better, and their ability to concentrate and memory increase, especially short-term memory. Tenacity and tolerance for frustration are also exercised.

They have positive effects on manual skills, cognitive development and visual perception.

Finally, we must not forget that in the end the little ones are rewarded with a fantastic image and feel proud of themselves.

Puzzles keep the mind active and are a source of joy.

They are fascinating entertainment and are not only fun, but also positively modify the thought processes of our brain.

Material : cardboard.

Size : 65 x 50 x 0.3cm

The Details

  • Weight:

    1.0 kg

  • Material:

    Cartón y papel procedentes de bosques gestionados de manera sostenible.

  • Dimensions:

    27cm x 22cm x 7cm

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Amazing Puzzle Under the Stars

A través de los puzles, l@s niñ@s entrenan la motricidad fina, mejoran la coordinación óculo-manual y se ejercitan en la concentración y la paciencia.

Asimismo, aprenden a resolver problemas con estrategias y de forma estructurada, algo que se consigue mediante la clasificación repetitiva de las piezas.

Logran reconocer mejor las formas y los colores, y la capacidad de concentración y la memoria aumentan, especialmente la memoria a corto plazo. Se ejercitan igualmente la tenacidad y la tolerancia a la frustración.

Tienen efectos positivos sobre las habilidades manuales, el desarrollo cognitivo y la percepción visual.

Por último, no hay que olvidar que al final l@s peques se ven recompensados con una fantástica imagen y se sienten orgullos@s de sí mism@s.

Los puzles mantienen la mente activa y son una fuente de alegría.

Son un entretenimiento que fascina y no solo son divertidos, sino que además modifican de forma positiva los procesos de pensamiento de nuestro cerebro.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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