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Namaki pencil sharpener


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Namaki pencil sharpener

To sharpen your Namaki children's makeup pencils!

This pencil sharpener is specially designed to be used with Namaki pencils , so the measurements fit perfectly with their thickness and sharpens them to perfection.

Includes a lid for greater safety and protection in storage that can be easily removed. In addition, the bottom part can also be removed and replaced to better clean the pencil sharpener after use.

It is compatible with any of the Namaki children's makeup pencils, such as the Rainbow Facial Makeup or the Magic Facial Makeup , which we have in our Crafts section.

With it, we can get the most out of Namaki pencils, sharpening them for greater precision and a cleaner result.

However, although it is designed for these products, it can also be useful for other pencils of the same size.

We chose it because it is a quality and resistant product (made of hard plastic to guarantee a stable and safe structure).

Creative Tip 👻:

  • Before applying makeup we must apply a layer of facial moisturizer, and do the same after removing makeup.
  • You have to start using makeup little by little , first testing its reaction on your forearm. When we have seen that there is no reaction, we will progressively increase the areas to be makeup and incorporate new products, always under supervision.
  • Pay special attention when applying eye makeup, avoiding painting the line of the lower eyelid and making sure that makeup does not get inside.
  • Once the face has been made up, we must be attentive to any alarming signs that may appear on the skin, in which case we will suspend its use immediately.
  • When the game or activity is over, it is important to remove the makeup completely with the help of water and neutral soap, or a hypoallergenic makeup remover milk suitable for children. Under no circumstances should we put the child to bed with makeup on his face.

Measurements: 0.5 cm Ø approximately.

The Details

  • Weight:

    0.25 kg

  • Dimensions:

    3cm x 4cm x 2cm

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Namaki pencil sharpener

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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