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Musical Instruments Set


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Musical Instruments Set

🎶 Meet Leo, a lion cub with whom you can enter the world of musical improvisation. The concert is going to start!

This set of musical instruments consists of 4 instruments (two castanets, a tambourine, a flute and an 8-tone metallophone with its two drumsticks), and is ideal for taking your first steps in music and imitating older ones.

The colorful set will delight children aged 18 months and up.

This complete set of musical toys will allow children to discover different sounds!

Musical Tip 🎶

Music provides numerous benefits for the intellectual development of boys and girls, and that is why incorporating toys or musical instruments into their lives contributes to their physical as well as psychological development:

  • Musical instruments are very complete toys. While the children enjoy, they acquire new abilities.
  • Promotes social skills, since through musical instruments, young children express themselves freely and interact with their environment.
  • The use of musical toys is a great help for improving memory. It improves both the storage, processing and retrieval of information.
  • Using musical toys helps improve language, memory, behavior or intelligence.
  • Playing an instrument increases psychomotor development.

With this set of musical instruments we can play different musical games such as, for example:

  • Play auditory discrimination of different sounds: high-pitched, low-pitched, metallic, airy, etc...
  • Learning about families of instruments, their sounds and their execution techniques. In this set we have percussion instruments: membrane (membranophone) such as the tambourine and idiophones (those that resonate with your own body) such as castanets and the metallophone. We also have a wind instrument: the recorder.
  • Rhythmic imitation games.
  • The drumsticks can be used, in addition to playing on the metallophone, to play with each other and make rhythms.

Materials : Wood, metal, canvas.

The Details

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    1.2 kg

  • Dimensions:

    32cm x 29cm x 7cm

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Musical Instruments Set

Free Shipping From 80€
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