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Magic Touch Pluggable Drum


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Magic Touch Pluggable Drum

Watch your little ones create songs as soloists or play with friends (or you) in their first band using the innovative connected playback feature.

Press the "connect" button to link this drum kit to other instruments in the collection.

The instruments magically harmonize, so no matter how many children are playing, the music is always perfectly synchronized.

Magic Touch Pluggable Drum Play Modes:

1- Discover Mode: play different drum sounds and invent new rhythms.

2- Performance Mode: create your own drum rhythms that are great and always in time.

3- Creation Mode: create different melodies with different sounds.

Wooden keyboard with Magic Touch technology. Colored LED lights on saucers. Volume control for treble and bass.

For musical education and development, it is interesting to introduce children to more complex musical instruments. These not only require a high degree of concentration, but also train motor skills.

Our miniature instruments inspire them to make music and generate an understanding of the connection between music, rhythm and movement. This in turn promotes sensory perception and ultimately also personal development.

For babies, the world is a great adventure, which they encounter anew every day with curiosity. The curiosity of little discoverers is satisfied with innovative products that have been developed in cooperation with Kids II, a toy manufacturer known for its educational and multimedia products.

From elementary ear training on the drum to early musical education on the interactive wooden piano, the Baby Einstein line combines cutting-edge technology with high-quality materials.

Award-winning Magic Touch technology represents the durability and value of a classic wooden toy, combined with today's latest musical toy technology.

The sounds that are played, whether soft or loud, are real drum sounds. It has volume control 😄.

Musical Tip 🎶

Percussion instruments are divided into tuned and untuned, the tuned ones are those in which we easily identify the notes and the untuned ones, those that produce notes but we are not able to identify them.

In percussion instruments are used to create rhythms or give notes and to accompany other instruments to maintain rhythm.

Therefore, through percussion, children will be able to learn about the different instruments that make up this family, how to use them and discover the different rhythms. In this way you can see how with these instruments they improve rhythmic, expressive and musical skills, as well as creativity through improvisation and composition, they learn to listen to others as well as themselves, learn to coordinate through rhythms, achieve individual and team goals, and integrate with other children.

You can do countless activities to work with our little ones on percussion, rhythm, movement, etc... In this way we enhance skills such as coordination, laterality, concentration and multitasking.

Activities for the recognition of the different instruments of this family, percussion, body percussion games (feet, hands, combined with other parts of the body) accompanying known songs, imitation of simple rhythms, creation of own rhythms, etc...

You can watch the following video with the little ones, from the YouTube channel " Improve Musical Education " that we like so much:

You can also play a cumulative rhythm sequence with our Magic Touch drum.

Material: wood. Safe materials.

Cleaning: Buttonless wooden design makes this battery easy to clean. Do not submerge in water.

Operation: 3 AA/R6 batteries (included 🔋).

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Magic Touch Pluggable Drum

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