This week a very important date takes place: UNESCO dedicates January 24 to celebrating the International Day of Education. “The public supports public education, and public education works” claim in this video prepared for the occasion, organizations, activists, students, teachers and public officials from all regions of the world.

This year UNESCO highlights the role of teaching against hate speech , a problem aggravated in recent years with the rise of social networks, and its concern about the wave of violent conflicts parallel to an increase in discrimination, racism , xenophobia and hate speech.

UNESCO emphasizes that an active commitment to peace is more urgent today than ever , and both educational toys and cultural content are tools that can contribute an enormous grain of sand. Therefore, today we will review some of the best stories to promote empathy and diversity in the classroom, promoting respect, preventing problems such as bullying and generating an environment of sensitivity and exchange among children.

Stories that promote diversity and work on empathy

Diversity children's stories

  • Put yourself in my place : this story from the Nube Ocho publishing house focuses precisely on empathy, and has as its protagonist an adorable cricket who seems not to notice the concerns of his friends. It is designed for children from 3 years old.
  • Bubble Gum Boy : the original publisher Fulgencio Pimentel offers in this children's book a luminous story in which the bubble gum boy begins the school year with fear of rejection from his classmates. However, together with Mandarina, Ernesto or Cebollita, with their wonderful things and divergent personalities, you will discover that being cool is a pain. Different is better!
  • Nuna knows how to read minds : with beautiful illustrations and a touch of humor, this story from the Birabiro publishing house is ideal for raising awareness against bullying or harassment at school. Nuna comes home sad because they have laughed at her and her “flamingo legs” at school, and her mother gives her magic glasses with which she can know what people really think.
  • A different day for Mr. Amos: this beautiful story is an ode to friendship. Its protagonist is Amos McGee, the endearing zoo guard. When one day he can't go to work because of a cold, his animal friends will show him how much they love him.
  • La Huerta de Simón : this beautiful illustrated album by Rocío Alejandr published by Kalandraka and Premio Compostela for illustrated albums in 2017 highlights team cooperation, contact with nature and the value of working the land. It does so through the story of Simón, a bunny willing to plant carrots who will have many collaborators to till his little garden.
  • Each one is as they are: another great story to work on diversity in the classroom. Published by Combel Editorial, its hooligan and colorful drawings show a very diverse gang and reflect with a fun tone the importance of loving and accepting oneself and others.
  • Ogrobello : this story by Grupo Edebé tells the story of an ogre who, instead of being horrible, is born beautiful and delicate , even refusing to eat dead mice. It is a great story to address the issue of sexual diversity and free gender expression in the classroom.
  • Flesh color : a story by Desirée Bela-Lobedde to explain racism to the little ones and celebrate that there are a thousand and one different skin tones . Its fun protagonists are the colored crayons on the first day of class.
  • Clara, mommy and mom : A story that portrays a happy family made up of a girl, a cat, a dog and two mothers. Although at school at first they take her for a liar, she will find support in Rafa, a classmate who has two dads. An excellent children's book to raise awareness about sexual and family diversity in the classroom.
  • Lorenzo's saucepan: this children's story talks about Lorenzo, a boy who has a saucepan that prevents him from moving forward and into which he climbs to become invisible. Through this metaphor the daily life of a child with a disability is portrayed. Reflect on the importance of understanding the difficulties of others and on hope in extraordinary people.

You can also expand the list of books and films to educate about diversity with this other article on our blog.


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