One of the dates that children look forward to most during the winter is Carnival, a fun festival, full of tradition and with many educational benefits.

Why carnival is beneficial for children

Through costumes, the little ones stimulate their creativity, overcome fear and shame, socialize, develop empathy, find new vehicles for their expressiveness, face artistic challenges, awaken their curiosity and work on their concentration.

In addition, making your own costumes, making masks and face shields or training with face painting improves your concentration, and increases your confidence and self-esteem. In short, it is a fun party, full of advantages, and for which you can deploy your entire torrent of imagination.

As a curiosity, you should know that Carnival in Spain is an ancient festive celebration documented since the Middle Ages and that it has had its own rich personality since the Renaissance. It is a sum of different pagan festivals associated with Christian celebrations, specifically Lent that precedes Holy Week.

In our geography, several festivities have held the category of Festival of International Tourist Interest for years: they are the carnivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Cádiz (1980), Águilas (2015), Badajoz (2022), and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2023).

Spanish carnivals are full of curiosities: from the burial of the sardine to Piñata Sunday, musical instruments such as the bass drum or the rattle or a particular gastronomic recipe book that includes ears, flowers, fritters or pancakes.

Carnival face painting kit

The most important thing to be able to transform children into fearless animals, magical beings, cartoons or creepy monsters is to previously have all the material you need to apply the best children's makeup ideas for carnival.

These are some of the products we have at Cucamenta. The ideal is to apply moisturizing cream first and always opt for these products made from natural ingredients, without added toxins, respecting the environment and the skin of those who use them.

  • Magical facial makeup : this set of varied and intense colors is suitable for face and body and includes lilac, pink, turquoise, fuchsia, gold and silver colored pencils.
  • Rainbow facial makeup : ideal for costumes, these pencils allow you to transform any boy or girl into an animal, a superhero, your favorite movie character or play with geometric shapes.
  • Color palettes : depending on your preferences and the characteristics of the costume you want to recreate, choose from our rainbow, wild, horror or haunted makeup palette. It is water-based, bio-certified and hypoallergenic makeup, which includes a brush and cards with makeup tutorials. An opportunity to have a blast!
  • Hair coloring masks: the hair coloring masks for colorful little ones are made with organic, safe and natural ingredients. They are easy to remove and also to extend, thanks to the convenient application of the format with a brush.
  • Tattoos from the world of horrors : to play at being someone else or spend a night of fear, temporary tattoos are a great option. Dive among ghosts, cobwebs, vampires, brooms, blood, witches or enchanted pumpkins, among others. An ideal gift for a party with friends.

8 children's makeup ideas for carnival on TikTok and YouTube

  • Catrina : one of the most amazing makeups to paint any boy or girl is that of the Catrina or Mexican skull, whose origin is a caricature by the Mexican José Guadalupe Posadas. Get inspired by videos like this one from TikTok.
  • Tiger : in this YouTube tutorial you can learn how to do tiger makeup for Carnival step by step. Turn any child's face into a fierce, orange and beautiful feline in just a few minutes.
  • Butterfly : who wouldn't want to be a cute butterfly for a day? Learn this simple face painting through this video .
  • Grinch : In this TikTok video you can be inspired to turn anyone into that adorable, grumpy monster who stole Christmas. Yes, the Grinch.
  • Pirate : one of the simplest and funnest children's carnival face paints. They will only need the wooden sword, the parrot and the handkerchief to be the most fearsome buccaneers of the South Seas. Learn with this tutorial .
  • Clown : another very easy classic for boys and girls to become real clowns.
  • SpongeBob: with a lot of yellow paint, imagination and the steps in this video you can turn your son or daughter into SpongeBob, one of the most popular and unforgettable cartoons. In the video you will also find inspiration to make fairy, Spiderman or Minnie Mouse face painting.
  • Dinosaur : another great idea for children's makeup for carnival is the dinosaur one, which you can learn to do thanks to this video.

Do your research, dive into platforms like Pinterest or Instagram, create your own designs and get inspired by your favorite characters and animals. Elsa from Frozen, a zombie, a witch, a bird or a kitten can be an ideal costume for the next carnival.


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