If a new member has arrived in your family, one of your friends has had a child or you yourself are expecting a baby, one of the best gifts you can give is a baby gym. This toy, whose name sounds fun, is an entertainment center specially designed for sensory stimulation and mobility of the little one.

Also known as educational mats or play centers, baby gyms have different structures, sizes and elements.

They usually have a soft, fluffy canvas or quilt to place on the floor and a series of hanging wooden or silicone toys. The explosion of music, colors and textures encourages exploration of the environment. Some of the most common toys are teethers, rattles, mirrors, rough textures, or objects that make sounds.

It is also common for them to be portable or easy to carry, to take anywhere and ensure that the baby advances in its development, its senses mature and new skills are unlocked.

What age is the baby gym geared toward?

Baby gyms are intended for the period between two/three months to six months and half a year of age, since this is the stage in which newborns develop the vast majority of their motor skills.

At Cucamenta we have two great baby gyms inspired by nature depending on the theme you like the most: sailor or with butterflies and flowers . They include, for example, a cheerful little bird, a rugose butterfly and a colorful flower. Friends who will accompany you in hours of enjoyment.

Benefits of the baby gym

  • Visual tracking and depth perception: newborns are quite “short-sighted”, and their vision develops little by little. From the third or fourth month onwards, the baby distinguishes objects, improves his perception of contrast and differentiates colors better. Baby gyms provide the perfect distance for babies to observe different toys and learn to distinguish colors.

  • Hand-eye coordination: this educational center is essential to develop this fundamental activity in brain development. Around the third month the baby begins to be aware that the hands are his, and begins to follow them with his eyes. By trying to reach objects you will be able to satisfy your curiosity and improve hand-eye coordination, also enhancing brain communication. Other key elements for this are small, soft rattles or books with textures.

  • Fine and gross motor skills: When your child turns or sits up to grab a toy, he or she exercises his or her gross motor skills. When you grab a toy or press a button, you work on fine motor skills.

  • Sensory stimulation : The colors of the toys improve visual awareness, while the sounds help auditory development and the textures stimulate the tactile sense.

  • Movement, flexibility and muscle work: These fun and varied gyms help strengthen muscles in babies' arms, shoulders, back, neck and tummy. It also helps them spend more time on their stomach, and prepares their body for sitting, crawling and walking in the future. And it makes them more flexible and elastic.

  • Cognitive development : in addition to sensory development and the activation of the senses, the baby gym enhances brain activity and promotes memory thanks to repetitive actions, objects and simulations.

Baby gyms also help strengthen family ties, gain autonomy, achieve better rest and calm anxiety. They offer endless possibilities for many weeks: they are the ideal gift for this Christmas or to welcome a new little person into the world!


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