Rainy days are serene, placid and magical: on these ideal autumn afternoons there are many activities for children that you can do indoors. From cooking delicious family recipes such as homemade pizza, pumpkin pastries or seasonal dishes with mushrooms to crafts , which allow you to recycle waste and develop full creativity.

Another great fall plan is to have a movie night at home , popcorn and blanket included, enjoying timeless classics, your favorite cartoons or the most recent releases available on streaming platforms like Netflix .

You can take advantage of rainy days to paint a joint painting, to sand and varnish that old piece of furniture, to paste photographs in an album, to sew a stuffed animal for your pet, to learn to program a fun robot or even to try tinkering with a weather station , something that usually fills the little ones in the house with curiosity.

In today's article we will review some of the best games for rainy days , ideal for birthdays, to have a snack with friends or to enjoy a quiet day at home. Who said rain was boring?

7 children's games for rainy afternoons

Ludo for rainy days

  • Rediscover traditional games : Any rainy afternoon is fabulous for learning to play checkers, having fun with Parcheesi, taking advantage of the immense range of games related to Spanish cards - from brisca to broom, catch two or donkey. , take out the goose board, take your first steps with chess or even try the yo-yo, marbles or the top. If you're looking for inspiration, read our list of endangered traditional games .

  • The treasure map : It is one of the most fun games, and in which you can take turns preparing the adventure. You must hide a small treasure - a bag of candy, a small rag doll or animal , etc. - and create a map with clues, statements, riddles and graphics to find it. You can create an aged map by crumpling a ball of paper, wetting it with coffee and blow drying it, even burning the corners with a candle.

  • Exquisite Corpse : There are many creative writing exercises that you can practice at home, inspired by blogs like Literautas . From the creative binomial to writing stories inspired by photos or the exquisite corpse, a very fun activity that consists of writing a text in turns. It involves writing and folding the paper so that only the last sentence is visible, which will inspire the person whose turn it is to continue the story. When you finish one or more rounds you can read your story aloud

  • What do I have in the coconut? : A very fun board game that can also be done with just a pen and paper. It consists of each person having a sign or sticker with a character, object, profession or person. Without knowing who it is, you will have to ask “yes” or “no” questions to try to guess precisely what is in the coconut. It is a game that encourages the creation of questions and answers, exercises verbal skills and improves vocabulary.

  • The movies : It is one of the most fun miming games that exist. Each person will put several movie titles in a bag or sack. Then, in teams, each group will have to guess the movie that their partner has received, who will not be able to use words to represent the idea, but rather gestures and movements. If the little ones in the house don't like mimicry, there are alternatives like Pictionary - for drawing.

  • Chained words : A fun verbal game to degrease your mind and test your vocabulary that you can play from the couch. Each person must say a word and the next participant must continue with a word that begins with the last syllable of the previous word. There is a maximum response time and, furthermore, it is not worth repeating. You can also try the typical game of “I would take me to a desert island” or “I have it in my suitcase”, great for exercising your memory.

  • A new experiment : Rainy days are ideal to try making Chinese shadows with your fingers and a flashlight - you can try with animals -, to experiment with origami and origami - airplanes, boats and paper hats are a good start - or dye colored sand to fill bottles . Writing a script and making your own play, recording a homemade short film or inventing a horror story by candlelight can be another great activity.

You can also be inspired by our wide selection of board games and card games , with exciting and fun alternatives such as the Secret Code, Jungle Dominoes, Murder at the Golf Club or The King of Dice.


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