Christmas is not an event, but a part of the home that one always carries in one's heart.

Freya Stark

Christmas is the return home, the excitement of the little ones, afternoons of homemade recipes, stories in the warmth of the fireplace, exciting parades of kings, ice skating or reunions with friends. Beyond gifts, dinners and celebrations, there are many free Christmas plans that can be done as a family.

These activities do not involve spending money, they are typically Christmas and winter activities, they provide lots of fun and you will have an indelible memory of all of them.

Free Christmas plans to do with children

Free Christmas plans with children

  • Christmas Lights: Going for a walk with a scarf, hat and gloves to contemplate the Christmas lights of your city is always a very nice and pleasant plan to do in the late afternoon. You can bring a camera and take advantage of the opportunity to immortalize the moment.
  • Christmas carols: On the rainy and cold afternoons typical of these dates, you can learn Christmas carols as a family , encourage yourself to sing them, cover them and even play them with an instrument. In this YouTube playlist you have many musical examples at your disposal.
  • Homemade postcards: If you want to maintain the tradition of sending Christmas cards in physical format to your loved ones, a very creative and fun proposal in equal parts is to make the postcards yourself at home. You only need to have cardboard and the necessary craft materials on hand. Get ready to draw reindeer, Three Wise Men, nativity scenes and sleighs. You can get inspiration from social networks like Pinterest .
  • Christmas Markets: It is very common for there to be a typical Christmas market in your city , with stalls selling food, toys or gifts. It is not always necessary to spend money, but it is also great to take a walk and soak up the Christmas atmosphere. On many occasions they have free children's workshops - for example on candles, Christmas wreaths or collage -, storytelling or scheduled concerts.
  • Christmas Pastries: Preparing Christmas pastries - like Pippi Longstocking did on the floor of her house - is a relaxing, exciting and perfect activity to introduce the little ones in the house to baking. You only need to have typical Christmas molds for these delicious cookies, the necessary ingredients on hand, and be very hungry! You can find Christmas pasta recipes on YouTube channels like Tasty Latam.
  • Excursion to the countryside: What's better than breathing in some fresh air in winter? Make sure you are well dressed and with all the necessary food and equipment and plan a route that allows you to contemplate the winter landscape, go hiking with your family, discover the last mushrooms of the year or, if you are lucky, spend a day in the snow. The presence of snow will allow you to have a doll contest or play with the sleigh.
  • Free cultural shows: In all cities and towns, different recreational activities and free cultural shows are scheduled that families can enjoy during Christmas. Search the official website of your town hall. From philharmonic concerts to film screenings, art exhibitions, theater, competitions, classes, parades...
  • Christmas movie session: It is the best time of the year to heat up popcorn, order a pizza or make hot chocolate and enjoy some of the best Christmas movies to watch with children on your projector or television. From classics like Go Santa Claus or Home Alone to The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Christmas with Mickey or Father in Trouble.

Whatever plan you choose, the most important thing this Christmas is to be all together. There are many more free ideas to spend Christmas with the family: from writing, starring in and recording your own play to learning to play an instrument at home, restoring some old furniture, making artistic objects by recycling waste such as glass bottles or cardboard boxes , learn sewing, make bread, get started in gardening, compose a song or take out an old board game.


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