I don't run away from a challenge because I'm afraid. On the contrary, I run towards the challenge because the only way to escape fear is to run over it with your feet.

Nadia Comăneci

Vacations, sun, long days and bright afternoons: summer is one of the best times of the year for children to practice outdoor activities , which provide numerous benefits to their health. Playing in nature allows them to have a strong immune system, a healthier microbiota, less anxiety and stress, better sleep at night, the adequate dose of vitamin D or better brain development.

In addition, practicing sports outside the home stimulates your senses, connects you with the sense of belonging to the planet - as Gary Snyder said, "nature is not a place to visit. It is home" -, enhances environmental awareness and respect for the rest of living beings , feeds their creativity and curiosity and encourages socialization and cooperation.

Skating - whether on inline skates or four wheels, on a scooter or even on a skateboard or skateboard - or riding a bicycle are two of the new skills and sports that your children can learn or perfect in the summer . To begin with, it is essential to be patient, take maximum care of safety and enjoy the process.

But both when children put on their skates and when they get on the bike seat , there is something important that you should not forget: the essential elements of protection. The most important is the helmet, but so are the knee and knee pads.

When should protective elements be used?

The answer is always. Boys and girls are designed to fall, and that's okay. Therefore, when they use the bicycle, scooter or skates.

The helmet , knee pads and elbow pads minimize bumps and injuries, prevent more serious injuries and trauma, protect bones and joints and also provide a greater sense of security, especially for the most fearful children. Gloves are also important to give an extra layer of protection to the hands, that very useful part of the body with which they discover the world, play, touch, cook or explore.

In Cucamenta you can find all these materials, specially designed for children to have fun with these activities at an early age:

  • Helmet : available in two colors - pink and blue -, it guarantees safety during the balance learning phase and is easily adjustable for children from 2 to 5 years old. It is lightweight, perfectly suitable for riding a bicycle, scooter or skates and has a modern and elegant design, inspired by skate fashion.
  • Set of protections for wheel sports : this kit is ideal for boys and girls who immerse themselves in the adventure of skating or riding a bike. Includes protection for hands, elbows and knees , essential for little skaters and cyclists. Available, like the helmet, in both blue and pink , they are the perfect solution to give the little ones an additional layer of safety while they learn and enjoy the summer on wheels.

Remember that the minimum age to teach a child to ride a bike is 3 years old - tricycle and starter bike, without pedals - or bicycle with pedals and training wheels from 4 or 5 years old.

In the case of the ideal age to learn to skate, 4 or 5 years old, the vast majority of children are ready. In addition, it is not necessary for them to have great balance beforehand, since they will learn it naturally while learning to handle themselves with the skates.


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