They may not have been familiar to you a few years ago, but if there is a toy that has earned the favorite label in recent times, it is the learning tower. Its educational vocation, its versatility and its long history - it can be used at different stages of the child's life for different purposes - make this object one of the best gifts you can give your children.

Their origin is in the Montessori method and this is all you need to know about them.

What are Montessori learning towers?

Convertible learning towers are a tool closely associated with the Montessori method. They consist of simple structures with railings or edges, usually made of wood, such as scaffolding or platforms, which allow children to do activities at the same height as adults.

They are comfortable, safe and practical and make it easier for children to reach the sink or the kitchen table, collaborating with you or playing on surfaces that were previously unreachable. In addition, the towers allow children to freely use their hands to explore their psychomotor skills, manipulate objects, eat, wash their hands and teeth, color or do crafts, among other things.

From Forma Infancia European School they point out that the learning towers allow children to participate in the lives of adults. They are a valuable resource that is not only limited to homes, but also to schools, where they can manipulate material or take books from the library. Therefore, they allow children to gain independence for numerous tasks in the family, in class or in the community.

This structure is due to the Montessori method because it facilitates the autonomy, security and confidence of children in themselves : the role of the adult is that of guides, offering them the right resources so that they can learn on their own.

Benefits of convertible learning towers

  • They are completely safe : they allow children to reach any surface such as the table, sink or countertop without the risk of slipping or falling. Plus, they take up little space and are a great long-term investment.
  • They stimulate curiosity : by putting the child at another height, they facilitate the acquisition of new skills, the performance of everyday tasks and the development of their imagination. For example, they can knead a pizza with you, help with cleaning, or learn to brush their teeth.
  • Self-esteem : the ability to complete small tasks and gain practical skills is essential to strengthening their self-esteem, confidence and independence , as learning towers open the range of tasks they can complete without collaboration.
  • Fine Motor Skills : The learning tower helps develop dexterity and precision. They also improve coordination and balance.
  • Emotional bond : learning towers allow you to spend quality time with your family and develop enriching activities.
  • Long life and versatility : Our learning towers are designed to meet the specific needs of the little ones in the house over 18 months and up to preschool age, they are great for meeting different needs. Being adjustable, they can easily be transformed into chairs or tables for playing, drawing and even eating.
  • Financial savings : since they are several pieces of furniture in one, they have many uses and cover different stages of child development, they are a good investment that your children will use for many hours.

As you can see, the learning towers are an all-terrain piece of furniture, connected to the Montessori method, whose design is based on the basic principles of this pedagogy and contributes to active learning, the development of children and their participation in everyday tasks.

In the children's furniture section of Cucamenta you can find our convertible learning towers , available in white or wood and awarded first place in the "Industrial Design" category in the "Export and Innovation Award" organized by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Latvia and the Latvian Investment and Development Agency. They are, without a doubt, a gift that guarantees endless hours of fun and discovery.


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